My home office…

I have a little nook in my house right off the kitchen that serves as my desk/ craft storage area/ display of horse show ribbons. My husband does a lot of work from home, so he got the actual home office room and I got the nook. I wanted it to serve as a storage space for bills, kids’ craft stuff and ribbons and pictures from horse shows.


My husband bought me the desk and I have no idea what it cost. The file cabinet I bought on Craig’s List for $15 and spray painted it black. The picture frames I bought over time on clearance. The map is a 1923 map of Norway and Sweden that I scored on Ebay for $6. I have Scandinavian roots and love the culture, so the map is very representative of me.


The pictures are some of my favorites. The one of me on my horse is such a beautiful picture, but it was taken during a very difficult riding lesson. I was sure I was going to fall off that day, but I stayed on and my friend snapped that shot.


The bulletin board is something I had for a while but gave it a face lift. I painted the frame black and stapled the ribbon on the back to jazz it up a little. I use it as a vision board and display of things that are close to my heart. The bracelets on the board were made by survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia. They came from an organization called Agape International Mission that I am very involved with as a volunteer.


The black and cream box is where I keep stationary and my address book. The file cabinet houses coloring books, crayons, play dough, glitter, etc…


The magazine holders are from Craig’s List and double as horse show ribbon holders. They also allow me to keep back issues of magazines in a way that doesn’t clutter up my house.

So that is my desk. You can see it’s not very separate from the rest of my house, but it’s a space that’s uniquely me.


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