Elle’s birthday party

Elle turned four and we threw her a mermaid/ surfer girl party at her request. I didn’t go all out; I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. I did simple food and we ordered pizzas as the entree. We used a coupon and got half off our entire pizza order.
I didn’t get a ton of pictures because I was running around dealing with kids, but here’s what I did get.


Notice the adorable straws in the background- $1 at Target!


I made punch for the adults with two bottles of white wine, one bottle of Fresca and frozen blackberries and strawberries. It was good and pretty too!


This is the sign I made for the punch. I google image searched surfer girl silhouette for the picture.


Another $1 find from Target.


The side dishes were a fruit tray, veggie tray, chips and layered Mexican bean dip, and pasta salad. I cut the fruit and veggies myself because it’s cheaper, and made the dip and salad. Including beer for the adults and the pizza, we probably spent $150 total and had 25 people (kids and adults) eating at our house.


This was Elle’s surfboard cake with a cute thank you sign I made and a mermaid doll she already had. The cake was free through a barter at my work.

The very most important part, which of course I have zero pictures of, is that I helped all the kids tie dye t- shirts! Each kid brought their own shirt and I bought a kit for $15. I helped the kids choose a design and rubber band their shirts and then they put the dye on using squirt bottles that came with the kit. The kids LOVED it, but it was mega messy and kind of crazy with so many kids and so much dye. I highly recommend it for your own children, not with all the neighborhood kids.

We had a fun party and Elle got a ton of gifts from her little friends (too many if you ask me), but next year I’m inviting way less people. It was chaos and I didn’t get to enjoy her party the way I would have liked. This party was actually pared down from what I’ve done in years past, but it was still too big. Less really is more!

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