The greenest thing I do…

I was thinking the other day about how I’m still really failing in a lot of ways at going green. I still dry my clothes in a dryer instead of hanging them on a line outside.  My husband says clothes lines are actually against the covenants of our neighborhood, and he’s the president of our HOA, so I suppose I have to follow the rules. I still drive an SUV. It’s smallish and I only commute 10 minutes, but still, it’s not a hybrid. I also use paper towels, and far too many of them, because they’re just so darn convenient.


The one really good thing I do is shop at a farmers’ market for the majority of my groceries. It’s actually more like a co-op. For $15, each week I get a huge basket of fruits and veggies that has been pre-assembled for me. I can also purchase extras for great prices. A lot of local merchants are coming to the little market and selling things like honey, homemade bread, grassfed beef and heirloom tomatoes.

I still go to the grocery store for things like pasta and almond milk, but I spend way less money on food than I used to. I’ve also started eating a wider variety of foods, because I plan meals around whatever is in the basket and it’s different every week.

This is green because the majority of the food is locally grown, which means it’s traveled much less distance and used far less resources than grocery store food. I’m also supporting local farmers, beekeepers and bakers who have similar values to my own. It’s been a fantastic choice for my family.

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