$5 Project – Week 3

This post is a little late because my husband and I were out of town on Friday and I couldn’t post. We had a wonderful trip to the Bahamas that was mostly paid for by my husband’s company. I’ll write more on that later. For now, let’s get back to the donation.

When we came home from the Bahamas we heard that some friends of ours were going through a tough time. Their nineteen year old son had fallen into a diabetic coma and was in the ICU. This happened suddenly; he is skinny as a rail and no one knew he was diabetic. They have no health insurance and their son’s hospital bill is already over $100,000 for just a few days. They are both wonderful, hard-working people. The father is self-employed in the construction industry and the mother is a preschool teacher. They were hit hard by the recession and they have virtually no savings to fall back on. They are stressed out and having to miss work to be at the hospital with their son. They are so broke that they don’t even know how they’re going to buy groceries.

I bought them a grocery store gift card (for more than $5) and put a post on facebook about their situation. To protect their privacy, I didn’t say their names publicly. I asked people to contact me if they wanted to help. Five or six of my friends from all over the country volunteered to send grocery store gift cards, gas cards and checks. I was blown away by people’s generosity and I know my friends will be too.

So that’s my $5 and a little extra for this week. Sending money across the ocean is great, but we have to take care of those close to us too. Say a prayer for them this week!

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