Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gift

I am not super crafty; it doesn’t come naturally to me like it does to some people. So for me to give a DIY Christmas gift, it’s got to be pretty simple. I found this idea on Pinterest and here is the original blog post from The Yummy Life. This blogger did a post about DIY room scents packaged adorably and oh-so-Southern in mason jars. You know those Glade plug-ins? These are so much better than that. Those plug-ins are filled with carcinogens so your house might smell nice (in a fake, chemical kind of way) but you’re also exposing yourself to nasty cancer causing agents. These room scents are made of all natural materials and they smell amazing.

These are the ones made by Monica at The Yummy Life:

I used what I had around the house, which was cinnamon sticks, grapefruit and vanilla extract.

You do have to sterilize and heat your mason jars so that they seal up. If you don’t know how to do this, here are directions.

I sliced up the grapefruit and put it in the jar with a cinnamon stick or two and a couple drops of vanilla extract. Then I poured water in to fill the jar up. I let my jars seal up and then tied raffia and jute into a bow. (You can get them both really cheap at Michael’s.)

To use these room scents, you pour them in a sauce pan and heat them on low. Your house will fill up with whatever scent you have in the jar. Monica at The Yummy Life recommends giving the room scent with a cute little tag or card explaining how to use it. She even provides a template on her blog.

Here are mine all packaged up…

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