DIY Sun Catcher… a kid’s craft you can actually use!


I see a lot of cool crafts on Pinterest but many of them aren’t particularly useful. They don’t serve any purpose once the fun of making them is over. I like making things we can actually use so when I saw this DIY sun catcher, I was all over it. This craft was easy enough for my four year old to do all by herself. All I did was preheat the oven and take the sun catcher out when it was done.
You only need two supplies:
1. Cheap plastic beads- any color. I used translucent ones to catch the light.
2. A cake or muffin pan. I used a heart shaped pan.

Elle decided she wanted a pink sun catcher to hang in the window in her room. She picked out pink, orange and clear beads and lay them in the bottom of the pan. This was great for fine motor skill development, by the way.

Once the beads were all layed out, we baked them at 350 for about 25 minutes. The beads melted together and popped out of the pan once they were cool. We didn’t put anything in the pan to keep them from sticking. I have heard that you can drill a hole for a string, but we left a small spot with no beads that formed a hole for the string with no drilling required. Pretty cool, huh?

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