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How to Make Sun Tea


Sun tea is a Southern classic. It’s even better if you make it in an adorable berry themed pitcher like the one I got at Kroger for $5. It’s also so easy my kid can do it pretty much by herself and be very proud of her cooking skills!

All you need is water, tea bags and sugar. I’m a Southern girl but I’m also kind of a health nut, so I didn’t use a ton of sugar. How many tea bags you use depends on whether you have regular or family sized. I had family sized and I used 4 tea bags for this big pitcher. We used 4 heaping spoons full of sugar and the tea came out very lightly sweetened, not like the maple syrup kind my mama makes. You can also add lemons but we didn’t have any.

First we dissolved the sugar in hot water and then filled the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water. Next, we put the tea in the sun for about two hours and let it warm up. When it was done we had sun tea and fried egg sandwiches for lunch! YUM!


3 thoughts on “How to Make Sun Tea

  1. I’m going to try this. I’m an Aussie girl living in the US so I love learning all these new things. What kind of tea do you use?

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