What’s so special about Svay Pak?

Have you ever heard of Svay Pak, Cambodia? If you have, you’re either a pedophile or an abolitionist. Svay Pak is a neighborhood, kind of a slum, 11 miles outside of Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. It is known worldwide for catering to foreigners seeking sex with children.

See, if you’re a Western pedophile, abusing children in your own country is risky. The West has all those pesky child protection laws. If you get caught abusing a child in America, you’ll end up on the sex offender registry and do jail time. Child molesters typically do not fare well in the prison system. It’s so much more fun to do the raping than to be raped. (Hypocrites aren’t they, those pedophiles.)

If you’re a creepy pedophile, it’s much better to book a plane ticket to Southeast Asia, where there are many more vulnerable children. Vulnerable children are so much easier to abuse. You know the ones; they’re orphans desperate to feed themselves, or maybe their mother has a serious drug addiction and will do quite literally anything for her next hit, including renting out her child by the hour. You tell everyone on the plane that you’re visiting Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, the ancient temple complex, but really you’re flying halfway around the world to indulge in some of the most perverse behavior known to man, and man is pretty creative.

How did you decide on Cambodia? Well, all the super secret child molester chat rooms told you that it’s the place to go. ‘Disney Land for Pedophiles’ they called it. A large portion of the child porn you view on your handy home computer was actually produced in Cambodia. Since continued entrance into those chat rooms requires that you bring something to the table, you figure you’ll jet on over with some cheap camera equipment and make some home movies to bring back and share with your creepy child molester friends. Aren’t you worried about getting caught? No siree, Cambodia is friendly to creepers like yourself. It’s known for police corruption. Heck, some of the cops are on the payroll at the brothels in exchange for letting the pimps know in advance when there’s going to be a raid. It could be a pretty good situation for someone like you.

What do you do when you get to Cambodia? Well, you hop in a taxi and head straight for Svay Pak. It’s not what it used to be, you’ve heard. In the 90’s, a bunch of do-gooder NGO’s moved in and started shutting down brothels and setting up churches. In the good old days you could walk down the main drag and see girls for sale in the storefronts, little girls, 12 at the oldest. Now things happen on the down low. You sit down at a cafe, order a crappy cup of coffee and before too long you’ll be approached by a pimp. He’ll ask what you’re looking for and you’ll give him the specs. Pubescent, pre-pubescent, virgin or otherwise. You’ll let him know what you’re into, the rough stuff or just the usual. Maybe he’ll have a picture, maybe not. If not, you’ll arrange to meet the girl. Gotta see the goods before you commit. And of course, you’ll discuss price. Virgins are expensive. You want to make sure you’re getting a real one. These pimps are crafty. They’ll sew up a girl two or three times and sell her as a virgin again. You don’t want to get taken advantage of, do you?

If you and the pimp come to an agreement, he’ll tell you to come back after dark when all the missionaries and aid workers go home and things really heat up. He’ll tell you where to go, usually a house. Sometimes the girl will live there; sometimes the girl will be delivered to you. Some pimps will even deliver the girl to your hotel room in Phnom Penh. You just slip a tip to the check-in clerk and you’re good to go.

But be careful, because lots of NGO’s and missionaries are getting as crafty as the pimps. They’ll film you with a teeny tiny video camera and send the footage to DatelineNBC or the CNN Freedom Project. Then they’ll slap your picture on their Facebook pages, broadcast your face at primetime all over the U.S. and then everyone will know what a pervy little bastard you really are. And because of the new reciprocity laws, you can be prosecuted in your home country for crimes against children committed overseas. They’ll even fly your victims to the U.S. to testify against you. They’ll hire a translator and the whole bit. And remember those videos you planned on making? Those will be the prosecution’s primary weapon to make sure that you spend many, many years in jail with dudes who are bigger and meaner than you and carry a special grudge against men like you.

You know, on second thought, maybe you should just stay home. Those anti-trafficking a-holes are ruining it for everyone. Svay Pak just ain’t what it used to be.

(For more information on the transformation of Svay Pak and how to become an anti_trafficking a-hole, please visit .)



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