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Camping at Woodring Branch on Carter’s Lake

For Mother’s Day weekend we went camping at Woodring Branch campground on the shores of Carter’s Lake in north Georgia. Carter’s Lake is the deepest lake in Georgia and is known for great fishing. It has over 60 miles of coastline, and most of it is undeveloped, which makes it a beautiful spot for boating or kayaking. You’re looking at trees instead of the back side of someone’s vacation home.

About to unload our gear

I camp a lot, and I prefer secluded, primitive sites, but with 2 kids and 2 dogs, a campground with some amenities is just easier. Woodring has a good mix of amenities and privacy. The campsites aren’t right on top of each other and there are plenty of trees for shade and privacy. Some of the state parks in Georgia are so tightly packed with so few trees and so many RV’s that it feels more like tailgating in a parking lot than camping. Woodring isn’t like that.

The campsites are located on little peninsulas that jut out into the water and provide a fantastic view. Each peninsula holds 4 or 5 sites. The campground was nearly full, but the trees and the way the campsites are arranged made it still feel remote.

We were at Campsite 25. We parked and then had to walk a little way to the site with our gear. The peninsula that the campsites sit on has a steep drop off to the lake below, so we couldn’t swim or kayak directly from our site, but the swimming and kayak launch area was right next to us. My kids went down to swim and I could keep an eye on them from the campsite, which was great!

A bath house with restrooms and hot showers was a 2 or 3 minute walk away. It was clean and well maintained. There was a water spigot centrally located on the peninsula so that all campers could share it.

I would definitely camp here again, especially later in the summer when we could swim to cool off. Overall, Woodring was my kind of place. It had enough amenities to make it easy with kids and dogs, but enough trees to provide some seclusion. We had a fantastic sunset view and we enjoyed sitting in our chairs and watching boaters and kayakers go by. The kids loved swimming in the lake the most. Woodring gets my Two Thumbs Up recommendation!

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