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Hiking the Spring Creek Trail in Cuchara, Colorado

The Spring Creek Trail is a moderate trail that winds up a slope and eventually connects with 2 other trails, the Baker Creek Trail and Indian Creek Trail. From this one trailhead, you can access miles upon miles of beautiful trails with grand views of the Cuchara Valley and its surrounding peaks. My partner for this hike was my mother in law’s dog, Rosie.


Unfortunately, due to the Spring Fire, a wildfire that burned over 100,000 acres in southern Colorado, parts of the trail have been bulldozed by the firefighters who tried to create a barrier between the fire and the town of Cuchara.

Thanks to their efforts as well as the wind switching and the rain coming down, the town was saved. While this trail is a bit mucked up in spots, it had to be done to save people’s home and businesses, and it’s still worth hiking. As you’ll see from the pictures, there are plenty of pristine sections.



The first part of the trail goes up at a moderate angle and off to the right you’ll see a meadow that is a great picnic spot.

A perfect deer print

You keep climbing to the left onto a wide, dirt trail interspersed with rock. There are several spots to stop and enjoy a fantastic view of the mountains.

About 2 miles along, you’ll reach another wildflower meadow. You can see where the bulldozers created the fire line.

Just past the meadow you’ll see a sign with distances to either the Baker Creek Trail or the Indian Creek Trail.

When you begin the climb, you’re in the vegetation belt of Aspens and Fir trees and, as you continue climbing, the Aspens will thin out and be replaced by Spruce. In the summer you’ll see an abundance of alpine wildflowers.

Even with the bulldozer damage, most of this trail is still pristine and beautiful. If you’re in the area, I wouldn’t miss it. When you’re finished, stop into the Dog Bar in Cuchara for a beer and a meal.

Until next time, happy hiking!

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