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Hiking the Turtleback Trail in Acworth, GA

On New Year’s Day I tried out a new trail that isn’t too far from my house but is primarily a mountain bike trail, so in the past I’ve overlooked it. I never saw a mountain biker on my whole 4 mile hike, but I did run into a couple walking their dog.

My son has actually been asking me to take him to this trail because there is a sort of bike playground, with jumps and ramps for the bikers to play on. I wanted to check it out before taking my eight-year-old son, just to make sure that it wasn’t going to be something totally out of his league. I think he would do fine on some of the easier ramps, so we’re going to have to do this trail again on bikes in the near future.

I looked the trail up on the AllTrails app, and the directions it gave me were completely wrong. It took me into a neighborhood with no trailhead in sight.

Here’s a tip from a local (me): If you just Google “Pitner Dog Park,” you can drive to the dog park, walk into the woods behind it and you will hit the Turtleback trail. Many people must do this, because there is actually a path that takes you from the parking lot at the dog park to the Turtleback.

I was impressed by this trail. You’re right smack in the middle of the suburban sprawl that is metro Atlanta, but you would never know it.

There was one small portion of the trail where I could hear cars on a nearby road, but the rest of the time I felt very secluded and remote. It’s my favorite kind of hiking as well, single track through the woods with lots of water, but not the kind of water you have to wade into, the kind of water you just hop over.

I don’t know much about mountain biking, but this trail doesn’t seem like it would be much fun on a bike. That’s only because it’s very twisty-turney and winds through the woods with lots of turns and changes of direction. It doesn’t seem like you would be able to get up much speed on a bike but, like I said, I don’t know much about mountain biking and maybe the turns are fun for them.

The total distance is only 4.4 miles, and it’s mostly flat. For that reason I would definitely call it a beginner trail. I hiked it with my Chihuahua and, if she can do it, you can too!

The Turtleback is one I will be visiting again. It’s close to my house, I can do it in about an hour, and the scenery is really pretty, especially considering that you’re in the ‘burbs. I’m adding this one to the list of favorite Metro Atlanta hikes.

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