Simple Living

Meet Mopsy

This weekend we went and picked up our Compact Fertilizer Production Unit, also known as a rabbit. In my quest to turn my suburban yard into a micro homestead, a rabbit is the only form of livestock I can get because it’s technically a pet and therefore allowed by my HOA. I know a lot of small homesteaders raise rabbits for meat, but I don’t have much interest in that. I don’t think my husband and kids would want to eat it, and I would honestly have a very hard time raising something as sweet as a rabbit to be slaughtered. I know it’s the food chain and it’s how people eat, and I have no problem with it whatsoever; I just don’t have the stomach for it. My rabbit is here to make poop instead of meat.


Yesterday we drove up to north Georgia to pick her up. I found her on Craigslist and chose her because she came with a cute hutch that will look nice in my side yard and not upset my neighbors.

The rabbit’s job will be to produce poop for my garden. Rabbit poop is a “cold” fertilizer and can be applied directly on top of a garden bed without going through a composting process first. Her hutch has two slide out trays that I will dump out into the garden every day.


My daughter named her Mopsy and she is as precious as she can be. I had rabbits as a kid and really enjoyed them. They are full of personality and make wonderful pets. They are just about the cutest thing God ever made. I love their little, twitchy noses and their big, furry feet.


The day we brought her home, we got her hutch into place and got her settled in and then we sat in camp chairs and watched her. She’s already doing what I had hoped she would do, which is draw us outside into the garden more often. We don’t really hang out there, but now that Mopsy is here, we will. Next summer when everything is blooming again and Mopsy is hopping around, the garden will be the place to be!

I have fallen head over heels in love with Miss Mopsy. Every morning I bring her inside and hold her while I drink my coffee. She’s in my lap right now as I type this. I swear just holding her will lower your blood pressure by 30 points. She’s so velvety soft and her little nose twitches and everything about her is fat and soft and snuggly. You know those women who have already raised their kids but they love holding a newborn? They’ll just hold it and smell it and snuggle it for hours. That’s me with this rabbit. I can’t get enough. I want to hold her all day long!

Mopsy and the chihuahuas. She fits right in.

She was supposed to be an outdoor rabbit, but that lasted about 5 minutes. I want her inside with me as much as possible. I have 3 dogs though, 2 chihuahuas and a golden retriever, and I have to get them used to her. So far, so good. My chihuahuas think she’s terrifying, but they’re jealous when I hold her so they get over their fear and come lay next to her. My golden retriever, Molly, is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. We raised a baby chick and Molly would lay down and let the chicken roost on top of her. So far she has been gentle as can be with the bunny, but we’re watching them really closely just in case.


People always tell me I’m crazy for having so many animals (2 horses, 1 mule, 1 donkey, 3 dogs, 2 mice and now 1 rabbit). It can be a lot of work for sure, but nothing in my life, other than my family, brings me as much joy as my animals. It doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it, and the amount of work is far outweighed by the bliss I feel when I’m riding my horse, cracking up at my donkey hee-hawing for his dinner, or holding this sweet bunny while I drink my coffee.

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