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A Hatteras Fish Fry in Georgia

I brought fish back from my last visit to Hatteras when I picked up my son, who spent the summer with my mom. I had Spanish mackerel, bluefish and cobia, and I used all the Spanish in ceviche and fish chowder. I saved the milder blues and cobia to eat with my friends.

Dr Bill with seasoned cobia
ready to go on the grill

Yesterday we celebrated my 41st birthday with a fish fry and pool party at the home of the couple whose office I run. I’ve worked for them for 14 years, the entire time I’ve been in Georgia, and they have adopted my family as their own. My husband and I had no family here and they took us in.

Elle made deviled eggs. I couldn’t boil water when I was 12, but she’s a chef!

I can’t express how much of a blessing it’s been to have surrogate grandparents for my children, someone to call in an emergency, and someone to do the big holidays with. My kids have never had Christmas anywhere but their house. It’s all they know. I’m thankful to be moving back to my hometown and my own family, but I will miss my Georgia family more than I can say.

Elle’s eggs
Enjoying the appetizers
Pheasant turnover made from birds the boys shot at a pheasant hunt this year
The kids having a snack sesh

I saw a meme yesterday that said “A rich life has nothing to do with money.” I think a little money is nice, enough to pay your bills and have a little fun but, beyond that, material things don’t bring the fulfillment they promise. We can’t lose sight of what is really important- family and fellowship!

Frying the fish
Fried to a golden brown

What’s important to me is family and community, and living close to nature. I love that I can bring fish that my dad caught. Sometimes we eat venison or elk that the boys hunted. Some of us have gardens and we share produce. We spend time outside hiking or swimming in the pool on Sundays.

3 generations spending time together
Elle and me
Dr Kay lights the candles on

my ginormous cake
Hunter being a goober

It’s a good life. We are lucky!

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