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Veggie Heavy Chicken Noodle Soup

We’re settling into our new house and I went grocery shopping for the first time. The big grocery store here is a Food Lion and I was afraid it would be ultra expensive compared to Atlanta. You know how everything costs more at the beach? I was afraid of having sticker shock at the food prices. I’m used to shopping at Aldi and getting deals. I was pleasantly surprised! As long as I stuck to the generic brands and bought basics instead of processed foods, it was only about $15 more than I’m used to spending every week at Aldi.

Cheap fall decorations on the kitchen table.

I spotted some leeks and, let me tell you, leeks are one of the most under-rated veggies out there. They look like big green onions but they don’t have an onion flavor. They are green and good for you and add a little something extra to a lot of dishes. Last night I sautéed them and added them to pasta salad.

If you cut off the tops of leeks and plant the roots, they regrow. They will be one of the first plants in my new beach garden!

I put them in chicken noodle soup tonight. It’s perfect for fall, a great comfort food, and when you add carrots, celery and leeks, it’s really healthy. Even my uber-picky son will eat them.

The chicken was already in the pot.

Another trick is to use chicken thighs instead of breasts. They have a little more fat and darker meat, which makes the soup more flavorful.

Today was a great day on the sandbar. We walked on the beach, enjoyed a gorgeous sunset, and celebrated the arrival of fall with tasty soup!

Sunset view from the barn where I board my horse.

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