Rescuing Cold Stunned Sea Turtles

Today my Mom and I took our usual walk on the beach but something incredible happened. My dog was running in the wash like she usually does, when she snuck stop to smell something. We went over to check it out and it was a cold stand sea turtle. They are very common this time of year. People find them washed up on the sound side in the marsh or on the beach on the ocean side and they have basically gotten too cold and are very lethargic and can’t move. If their core body temperature is it raised, they die.

We weren’t entirely sure what we should do for the turtle, but we knew we had to get it warmer. We picked it up and brought it closer to the dune and covered its back half with sand to insulate it. Then we sat with it in the sun and waited for the sun to warm it up.

I had no Internet on the beach, so we called my dad and he looked up the number of the wildlife rehabilitator in the good old fashioned phonebook. Who even has a phone book anymore? My dad does! He got us the number for the rehabber’s wife’s business. That voicemail gave us the a cell number and we left a message there.

The rehabber’s name is Lou Browning and he rehabs sea turtles and birds (mostly raptors) on the island. He’s a really interesting guy, and his Facebook page is always full of cool pictures and stories of the wildlife he encounters.

He called us back shortly and said he was on his way to meet us. Luckily, we were just south of Ramp 49, a spot where trucks can drive over a hill and onto the beach. We started walking north to meet him and we met him on the beach side of the ramp.

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