Home Sweet Hatteras

Hatteras Halloween

This year my kids trick or treated down the same street I did when I was a kid. This was the first year they were allowed to go all on their own, without the grown-ups.

A castaway
A pirate

I remember the thrill of being old enough to go alone for the first time. Back in the 80’s, even after the razor blade scare, the grandmas made homemade treats like caramel apples and chocolate chip cookies to give as treats. I remember the way that the ordinary streets and houses and live oak trees became suddenly spooky on Halloween, and how sometimes the moon and the wispy clouds would be just right to create the perfect eerie mood. I love that we live in a small town where my kids can go out alone and experience those same things.

While the kids went in search of candy, my family sat on the porch of my brother’s business, right in the heart of Hatteras Village, and handed out candy. Actually, we pointed to a kayak that my brother and his wife had filled with candy and told the kids to help themselves. We chatted with friends and neighbors, admired new babies, and looked at all the clever costumes. Enjoy these photos of our night!

The kayak o’ candy
Visiting with friends
My favorite costume- a cereal killer
The sun sets on the village.

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