Home Sweet Hatteras

The week in pictures…

We had a nor’easter last weekend, and the ocean overwashed the road and made it impassable. There was no going on or off the island from the north end. To get off, I would’ve had to take a ferry from the south end of the island to Ocracoke Island, and then a 2 1/2 hour ferry from Ocracoke to the mainland. This is a fairly common occurrence here, and one of the reasons many people would not want to live here full-time.

I did still manage a beach walk in 40 mile an hour winds, even though the tide was so high that there wasn’t much beach to walk on.

On Wednesday, my daughter and I got up in time to catch the sunrise at the beach, and look at all the shells that had washed up in the storm. After a nor’easter is the best time to find interesting things on the beach, like old coins or sea glass. We found this very large intact shell. We have a collection of them on our outside stairs, one on each step.

On Thursday, the kids did a presentation on Sweden for our homeschool group.

Also on Thursday, I got in an early morning trail ride on one horse, then took two others to the beach in the afternoon for a ride with one of my lesson kids.

It was in the mid 70s, super warm, and I let my lesson kid do some long canter stretches on Baron. He loves to canter down the beach and stretch his legs, but he came back sweaty!

We had a lot of rain overnight, and my road flooded.

On Saturday, I walked from my house in Frisco to my mom’s house in Hatteras Village (exactly 4.25 miles). I walked most of it on the beach.

Raccoons come up on my mom’s porch to eat cat food.

Sunday afternoon we did another trail ride with the homeschool lesson kids. King is a total champ. I could not be happier with him, but more on that later…

The neighborhood kids put on wetsuits and went for a swim in the late afternoon.

The adults came over to watch the sunset.

Another week comes to an end on the sandbar!

2 thoughts on “The week in pictures…

  1. Great pics. It can’t help but be noticed how different things are for you since leaving “The Mainland”. It’s great to be home, isn’t it!

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