Home Sweet Hatteras

Happy New Year

I didn’t post over Christmas because I was busy with family events, taking care of horses and enjoying some time off work. January is one of my favorite months for all the usual reasons, like new beginnings, a fresh start and all that. I enjoy it even more so living here, because the island is quiet, the tourists have gone home, and I can finally get some of the solitude that makes this place so unique.

The weather has gone from 75 degrees to 35 degrees in just a few hours, and then back again. We’ve had some cold, blustery days with sound tide that overwashed and shut down the road. We’ve also had days that feel like spring, with sunshine and blue skies and temps in the upper 70s.

Beach walk with my dad

We’ve been walking on the beach in all kinds of weather, and enjoying the island while there are less people here. The park service campground is shut down for winter, but all the locals go walk around the mile loop. My son skateboards and I walk. There are some cool groves of old oak and pine trees, and we take breaks to climb trees.

One major change I’ve noticed since living here is how my children view free time. In Atlanta, they enjoyed going to playgrounds or playing with neighbor kids in our cul de sac, but they weren’t wild about going on a simple walk in the woods. Going outside just to be outside wasn’t on their radar. There had to be other children or playground equipment to make it fun. There isn’t much to do here except go outside, and my kids have completely embraced the idea that the outdoors is their playground. They ask to go for walks, to go skate around the campground, to go look at shells on the beach.

We found a prehistoric shark tooth on the beach in front of our house.

Because this place is still so wild, every time we go outside we see something interesting. The other day we found a dead cormorant on the beach, so they got to see him up close. We see all kinds of animals, from jellyfish to deer, every time we go outside. Their idea of fun has re-oriented to being in nature and being entertained by whatever we happen to see.

A very old Dr Pepper can that washed up in the last big blow.

The horses are all doing well. Poor old King has been dealing with some lameness issues. His body is so worn out from being a work horse. Some days he feels good and walks normally, and other days he gimps around. He has gained a lot of weight, his eye infection is healed up, and his feet are in much better shape than when he came. He will probably be heading back to the rescue soon so that they can work on finding him a permanent home. I’m currently deciding whether to take on another rescue or take some time off and lessen my horse expenses.

That is all that’s going on in my neck of the woods!

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