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New Year, New Horse…

There’s a new rescue horse at the barn, but this time he’s not mine! My friend who has been riding with me decided to take the plunge and foster a horse for Standardbred Retirement Foundation, the same rescue King came from. She has 4 kids, and wants a laid back family horse for everyone to ride and enjoy. We drove out to western NC to meet some horses and bring one back. What is normally a 7 hour drive became a 9 hour drive thanks to the snow that fell on eastern NC last weekend. Other than snow, we had a very easy, uncomplicated road trip, which is always a blessing when horses are involved.

Snow piled up at the gas station. Very unusual for eastern NC!

We looked at 4 different horses and all agreed on the same one. His name is Racing Stripes and he’s only 14 years old. He is most likely ex-Amish, just based on how beat up his body is. Like all these former kill pen horses, he needs weight and muscle and he has some blemishes and scars. But he’s a beautiful red bay with a cheerful personality, and he loves interacting with his new family.

He hung out at the door of his stall trying to get our attention.
Heading to the trailer for the long ride home.
His new family
He followed his new kid right onto the trailer.
He was a great traveler!
We made it home and he settled in to his temporary home- the arena. He’ll meet the other horses over the fence first. The donkey is keeping him company for now.
His new kid is totally stoked!

This is my favorite thing in the whole world- taking a horse that looks awful and needs care, and watching it transform into a fat, shiny, happy horse. Nothing makes me happier than seeing horses become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. I like riding them, but what I really enjoy is the care aspect. We work on teeth, hooves, weight gain, nutrition, mineral balancing and good grooming. In 3 months time, he will look like a different animal!

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