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Kayaking at Lake Acworth


Lake Acworth is a smallish lake in the city of Acworth, Georgia. The entire lake is a no wake zone, so you see small fishing crafts, kayaks, and paddle boards, but no speed boats or jet skis. Because of that, it is a super safe place to take kids for some fun on the water, even kids who have no experience on a kayak or paddleboard.


There is a beach area at the lake, and it gets busy on the weekends, as well as multiple picnic tables and pavilions with grills for cooking out. There is a also a great playground and a short nature trail through the woods. If you’re not a city resident, there is a $10 fee to park during the summer. I’d say it’s worth it for a day of fun at the lake.



The launch area for boats and kayaks is a ways down from the beach area. It’s a sandy area with parking spots very close so you don’t have to haul your kayak very far.



You could easily paddle around for a couple hours. There are two pedestrian bridges to go under and several small coves to explore.


Part of the lake is bordered by a golf course, and the rest is mostly wooded, so it’s scenic. You’re not looking at the back side of someone’s vacation home.


We visit Lake Acworth regularly. In our visits we’ve seen plenty of wildlife in the lake and on the shore- egrets, ducks, red-winged blackbirds, turtles, snakes, raccoons, and even a bald eagle. We’ve heard rumors of an otter, but we have yet to spot him.


My one complaint about the lake is the litter. I think most of it is getting into the lake from the beach area, and drifting into the reeds that rim the edge of the lake. Whenever I kayak there, I end up picking up a ton of litter, mostly drink bottles and beer cans. If you go, do me a favor and pick up any litter you see!


I hope to see you out there with your family!

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