Keeping Busy-ness at Bay

This summer I was busy; I worked my regular job in the mornings, did kayak tours in the evenings, carted the kids around to their events and spent my free time riding my horse and going to the beach. It was a fantastic summer filled with time in and on the water and on the back of a horse. I am especially thankful for my kayak tour side hustle, because it covers most of my horse expenses for the year. Still, I’m ready for a slow winter. I prefer not to be so busy. In the winter, I like to walk on the beach everyday and enjoy the island when there aren’t so many people here.

Fall sunsets

One of my complaints about Atlanta was that everyone was over-scheduled, especially the kids. There were so many options for sports, extra curriculars, homeschool co-ops and meet ups, that most of my friends there were always on the go. It’s hard to get to know people when there isn’t much down time. There wasn’t a lot of just “hanging out,” even among the homeschool community because everyone had so many activities. I tried to cultivate a slower paced life for my family, but it’s hard to swim against the tide. I ended up busier than I wanted to be.

My son at our last homeschool get-together at the skate park.

Even here on the island it’s easy to be over-scheduled. Homeschoolers are big on field trips, and some parents love to be out and about all day with their kids. I hate being gone all day, because I still have to go to the barn and feed horses after a long day, and I always come home to housework that needs to be done. I turn down a lot of activities that require me to be gone for an entire day. I get too behind on my responsibilities and it ends up being more stress than it’s worth. To each their own, but I’m a homebody. I moved to this island because I wanted to be here, and I have no desire to leave, really even for the day.

This winter I want to focus on homeschool, projects at the barn, and lots and lots of time walking the beach. I want to do puzzles and drink cocoa with the kids, read lots of books, bundle up in a big, ugly sweater and watch a storm roll in over the ocean. I want peace and quiet, punctuated by the occasional howling nor’easter.

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