Simple Thanksgiving Decorations

I don’t have a ton of holiday decorations. I think it’s great when other people have them, because they look so cute, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle of storing them and putting them out and then back away again. I like a few small touches here and there to make the house feel festive, but I don’t go all out. For Thanksgiving this year I only decorated my mantle. (I’m going to do a simple tablescape with natural materials for Thanksgiving Day, but I haven’t made it yet so more on that later.)

I let my kids each pick out a small pumpkin for the mantle and I displayed a craft they made with their babysitter.

Here’s the kid craft up close. They glued fall leaves on a page- so easy and cute!

I’m starting to see how decorating your home really simply makes it easy to decorate for any holiday. If you don’t have an overbearing amount of stuff in your house, or really crazy color schemes, it’s simple to add a few decorations and, voila, your house if festive!

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