Home Sweet Hatteras

A day at the soundside…

Recently the kids and my mom and I spent an afternoon walking on the soundside. We call it “marshing” or “mucking about.” All kinds of things get uncovered in winter storms, so you never know what will wash up. We found sea glass, old bottles and lots of small pieces of driftwood that I collected for a craft I have in mind.

A piece of glass with a little algae growing on it.
Hunter found an old liquor bottle.
This is a piece of a shipwreck. You can see the holes for the metal fittings. It gets covered and uncovered with the tide.

This is a piece of Highway 12 that was washed away during Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Isabel created an inlet just north of Hatteras Village, wiped the road completely out and cut off the village from the rest of the island.
Elle found her own old bottle. This one had the Ball logo, the company that makes Mason jars.

I love these warm winter days where we can go outside and explore!

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