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The week in pictures…

As usual, it was a week full of horses!

I walked King on the beach and my son rode. He’s not that into horses, but he enjoyed this.
On a different day, I rode King some and walked him some.
Bourbon, the other kill pen standardbred, is amazing. He is learning how to be a riding horse!

We’ve had some new friends come to the barn and I put them on ponies- kids and adults!
My chihuahua, Pearly, broke her foot and is recovering.
Bourbon again, with his dad and his kid.
Bourbon’s dad rode him for the first time and did great. He hasn’t been on a horse in years. It’s a huge deal to be able to take a horse that’s never been ridden and put all the beginners on him!
King’s hoof rehab is coming along. When he first came, his feet were so misshapen that he couldn’t stand normally and he tripped all the time. He is able to stand more normally now, and the tripping has gotten much less frequent.
He’s been a slow one to rehab, but someday he’ll look FANCY.
He’s shiny and getting fatter little by little.
Multi tasking! Sometimes Bourbon is a little unsure, but he is so calm and quiet.

My golden retriever had knee surgery also this week, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with her while she recovers. It’s been a week full of horses, kids and dogs!

4 thoughts on “The week in pictures…

  1. Just started to follow you.
    What a stunning place you have to be with your horses.
    I notice you have a bareback pad possibly the Best Friend Comfort.
    You are welcome to send me photos for my blog on pads and treeless saddles, or I could reblog this with your permission.

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