Home Sweet Hatteras

Beginning of Summer…

I have been much busier with work and the new barn move than I’d like to be. Setting up a new facility is a lot of work!

We built this hay feeder out of free pallets.

It’s been 5 weeks and the horses are settled into the new barn. The property owner is serious about cleaning it up and making it look nice, which I appreciate. We had a broken down trailer inside the pasture and a crew came yesterday and demolished it and carted it away in a dumpster. Our next project is to build additional fencing and expand the pasture area.

The trailer got torn apart and carted off.

My daughter has been riding a ton, which is something I thought would never happen. I’m thrilled about it. We ride on the beach together. She’s trotting confidently and learning to canter.

We took a couple horses to the soundside for a swim.

This child was sitting on horses as soon as she could sit up, and she’s been dragged to barns and horse shows her entire life, so it’s not like she’s starting from scratch. But for once, she’s enjoying it and asking to go ride, and I couldn’t be happier. The horse she rides isn’t ours. We take care of him and his owner lets us ride him. We are lucky to have him at our barn.

My son has his own things going on- he started taekwondo this winter and has finally found something he can get excited about. He did not like any of the traditional sports, but has taken a shine to taekwondo and recently tested for his first belt upgrade and passed. It’s nice to see your children find their own passions.

His new belt.

Tourist season is here. It’s bittersweet, honestly. Our quiet island gets busy, the beach is full of people and our little two lane road is packed on the weekends. But it’s also money-making time for everyone employed in the tourism industry, which is many of us. My kayak tours have started back again. I am grateful for a side hustle that I genuinely enjoy and that pays for the horses all winter!

The beach has been absolutely stunning lately- turquoise water, calm seas and huge tide pools. On the weekends, we head out to the beach with our neighbors for hours at a time.

They don’t like pictures.

It’s a good life here!

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